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    Process your Registration!!!

    by Jennifer Anderson -


    A lot of course registrations are still pending, so please log into Empower and if you have pending registrations, click reprocess! If you have items still pending contact your advisor asap to find a solution.

    Thank you!

    Have you registered for Spring 2021???

    by Jennifer Anderson -


    Spring 2021 classes are filling up, so please register now. If you have yet to speak to your advisor about your class selection, contact her/him today!

    Fall 2020 Final Exam Schedule

    by Jennifer Anderson -

    Please find the Fall Final Exam Schedule attached. As we now know, all exams will be taken remotely as opposed to in-classroom. Faculty please be sure to clearly communicate to your students how your exam will work.

    Students: If you find a conflict, reach out to your professors to work out an alternate time to take an exam.

    Spring 2021 Course Registration

    by Jennifer Anderson -

    Spring registration starts Monday! Have you seen your advisor??? Remember, you need to meet with your advisor to discuss your Spring courses and receive your PIN to register.

    Please note: Due to on-going social distancing guidelines, many courses had their maximum number of students allowed reduced. I highly recommend you register as soon as you are able (see below) to ensure you get the classes you want/need.

    What's the earliest you can register?
    Seniors (90+ credit hours) - 12am on Monday, November 2
    Juniors (60+ credit hours) - 12am on Tuesday, November 3
    Sophomores (30+ credit hours) - 12am on Wednesday, November 4
    Freshmen - 12am on Thursday, November 5

    Registration opens for new students (and remains open for returning students) on Monday, November 9.

    Instructions to register:

    1.     Log into Empower and click on the Student Records tab

    2.     Click Course Registration

    3.     Enter the PIN your advisor gave you at your advising appointment

    4.     Select Spring 2021 from the drop-down menu and click Register

    5.     Click Add Courses

    6.     Use filters if you wish, or not, and click Search

    7.     Select your courses using the checkboxes in the far-left column, then scroll to the bottom to save your selections.

    Be sure you look at anything that shows up as Pending and the reasons why. Talk to your advisor to solve any pending courses.

    Spring 2021 Schedule is Ready

    by Jennifer Anderson -

    The Spring 2021 schedule has been published, and enrollment will begin November 2 for seniors, November 3 for juniors, and so on. 

    Please be sure you meet with your academic advisor very soon to discuss your degree trajectory and what you need to take in the Spring.

    To view the Spring schedule, log into Empower, click on the Student Records tab, and click on Course Schedule. Select Spring 2021 from the drop down menu and click search. Please take a look at the schedule and have a rough idea of what you want to take before you meet with your advisor.

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